I spent 30 yrs in the military beating the crap out of my body.  I know about pain in my knees,  low back,  and shoulders,  and I can relate to the anxiety felt by many people today firsthand. I also used to suffer from migraines until I met my mentor Terry Hart.  She was a licensed massage therapist and CST magician.  After she started treating me in 2006 with CST for my migraines,  not only did they go away,  I would only need to see her for CST about once a yr for maintenance for the migraines.  That interested me enough to want to learn this skill set myself;  it just took me a while to get there.  I was also seeing a Reiki Master for pain relief,  and that helped me immensely.

In Feb of 2013,  I took my first Usui Reiki level 1 course,  and then in Mar of 2015,  I took the Upledger course in Cranio Sacral Therapy.  When Oct of 2015 rolled around,  I was starting Massage School at the Therapeutic Bodyworks Learning Center  (TBLC)  and graduated in Oct 2016.  I immediately opened my own studio while still serving in the military full-time.  Over time,  I have continued to seek knowledge and training in techniques that are easier on my body and more beneficial to my clients.  In the spring of 2020,  I finished my Usui Reiki training and became a Reiki Master.  I use Reiki in my daily life,  working on myself,  my husband,  and my dog Maya.